sample disc and box image

R80, R100

Tire Pressures Front Rear Most airheads 32 / 2.2 34 / 2.35 R100GS, R80GS 34 / 2.35 36 / 2.5

Engline Oil 2.4 quarts 2.7 with oil cooler Final Drive 250 ml? (fill til draining) Transmission: 850 ml (fill til draining) Shaft oil: 100 ml (only on some older bikes)

Airhead R Cable Clutch Adjustment Loosen 13mm locknut and adjuster bolt at clutch pushrod. Adjust cable adjuster barrel at clutch lever until exposed cable at transmission end is 210??mm. Tighten adjuster bolt at clutch pushrod until it contacts the pushrod. Tighten the 13mm locknut. Loosen the cable adjuster barrel at the lever to give 4-7??mm play in the lever. Tighten cable adjuster locknut.

valve clearances intake exhaust Airhead R .006"/.15mm .008"/?????mm 2 12mm wrenches needed

Head bolt 14m? socket 35-39N-m 26-29 ft-lbs valve cover 10mm wrench + 13mm socket