sample disc and box image


Tire Pressures Front Rear (psi / bar) F650 34 / 2.35 36 / 2.5

Engine Oil at oil change: Fill oil to top, ride for 5 minutes, or until completely warmed up, put on center stand, let idle for one minute, then fill to bubble in center of oil level window.

Fork Oil: 550ml per side GS Dakar 600ml per side GS 650ml per side GS factory lowered

Valve Clearances intake exhaust F650 .1-.15mm .25-.3mm

N-m x .723 Ft.-lb pinch bolts ? 21 N-m 15 Ft-lb front axle ? 45 N-m 35.5 Ft-lb rear axle right 24mm socket 100 N-m 72 Ft-lb rear axle left 19mm wrench 100 N-m 72 Ft-lb chain tensioner T40 torx make even on both sides oil change body panels T25 torx oil overflow top bolt T30 oil drains 6mm overflow 24 mm pan drain