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Now available! Beta Instructional Video

BMW Oilhead R Bike Maintenance

We just finished work on the beta maintenance video. We filmed a 600-mile sevice on a new two-spark R1150GS Adventure, and addressed the 6000, and 12000 mile services.

Learn how to do all of the regular maintenance on your bike, by watching experts. Have fun, save money, and learn more about your bike - all at the same time!

Print my BMW Cheat Sheet (acrobat pdf file) that I use at work for torque values, oil fills, and other little things like that for BMW motorcycles. I just started work on a Triumph Cheat Sheet (acrobat pdf file), but it doesn't have much on it.

oilhead tune-up manual by Carl Kulow from
Torque chart by Carl Kulow from is a site from a machinist that makes nice accessories for newer BMW bike's.

tire pressures